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Inspiration from Vintage styles.


So, having sold my small jewelry armoir in order to move to California, I found myself without a container, other than a bag, for my jewelry and not very much organization. Being a beader I’ve made myself quite a bit (some delicate and in need of better care than a bag!), so I started looking for an interesting and personal way to organize. A few cool ideas came up, as I googled jewelry holder/displays, including old picture frames with fabric, chicken wire, and even corks. I particularly loved the idea of taking wooden hangars, drilling holes, and putting hooks in to hang your jewelry from. However, I’m always worried about the problem of jewelry + gravity degrating the strength and wear of you’re jewelry, so I started keeping an eye out for ways to hold jewelry that wasn’t hanging. I then found teacups! What a wonderful idea, using teacups as jewelry organizers. Not having any, however, I at least needed a beside table of some sort with a drawer to hold them in, while I started collecting cheap cute ones from thrifts stores or what not.

Now my partner had gotten a gift card from Ikea, as a move in gift, and we finally went in to use it, all the while looking for some small cheaper night table. I was a little sad to see they didn’t really have anything with just one, two or even three small drawers. Of course, across the shades of white and tan, a bright red something caught my eye. It has six small drawers but I loved it. Very affordable, and very me. Secretly, ever since I was a little girl I’d wanted a filing cabinet. Silly confessions! But it’s true. Growing up, at school I used to offer to teachers to file things for them. My mother also had this two drawer filing cabinet I used to go through, and always wished I could have it. Of course, as a little girl, I didn’t have any real reason to have one. I’ve just always had a strange love for office supplies and organizers, and I guess filing cabinets are the perfect mix of both.

I still like the idea of teacups and might get a couple to hold some smaller bits and bobs. I also put down foam to keep things from sliding too much. Boy do I love strange ideas.


2 comments on “Organizing

  1. kathyoinspirations
    February 11, 2013

    I love the wooden hanger idea! Adorable filing cabinet!

    • Jax
      February 11, 2013

      thanks! and me too. i love diy projects. they can be so inventive. sadly my tastes usually arent too feminine though. lol.

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