The Lady Horologist

Inspiration from Vintage styles.

Vaulted Heart

Vaulted Heart     Before I started experimenting with Steampunk jewelry, I knew I wanted to but hadn’t quite built up the confidence in my ability to do it. I’d been collecting anything Steampunk related for jewelry, but hadn’t begun playing around yet. I had this set of pieces I liked together, and to encourage me to just fiddle around, my best friend wired them together to show how easy it could be. For the longest time I wore the necklace. Eventually when I was making lots of Steampunk jewelry I didn’t want to wear it because I couldn’t tell people I made it. So I remade it! I wish now that I’d taken a picture to show the vast difference in the pieces. I’ve definitely come a very long way, but I feel I owe a lot to my best friend who has always encouraged me.

[ For Sale Here ]


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