The Lady Horologist

Inspiration from Vintage styles.

A Strange Honeymoon

So I was recently married to Shelly’s son, and as a honeymoon/business trip we all went out ot the Mojave desert to look for opals, agates, jaspers and whatever else caught our fancy. Yes, we took my mother-in-law on our honeymoon. Sort of a weird honeymoon to go on anyway, but that’s just how we are. Plus Shelly is delightful.

Anyway, we drove 3.5 hours from San Diego to Barstow, got a hotel in Barstow, and spent two days at two different sites in the Mojave desert looking for gemstones. There were the most beautiful stones out there, and we broughtback a huge rock load. The pictures above just show the more amazing finds. We’ve got our first four loads picked out and mixed up for tumbling, and now we’re just waiting for the tumbling powders. Super excited about how their all going to polish up.


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