The Lady Horologist

Inspiration from Vintage styles.

Assorted New Displays

I was getting a little confined by the paper and items I had available to use in my photography. When I made this most recent line, most of them had all metallic colors. The gemstones and paper I had didn’t seem to flow well. I ended up gathering everything in our apartment that looked old and vintage; some vintage books, a photo frame, a brass box, etc. I ended up picking up an old lamp from near the garbage and took it in because I found it beautiful and possibly photo worthy. After playing around with these items I managed to come up with some spectacular photos of my new items. Afterward I also decided I needed to branch out my paper collection, and these were what I got. I also picked up quite a few new rocks on our last trip to the desert, so now I have lots of variety to use in my photography.


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