The Lady Horologist

Inspiration from Vintage styles.

Clock Maker’s Bracelet

Clock Makers BraceletHad a hard time with this piece. Experimenting with riveting and patinas I found that undoing anything was too complicated, but I thought ‘hey I can just paint things to match’. When I make jewelry I usually have a pattern and story I’m following, however for this piece I was pretty much free forming it. The result to me, at first, was rather muddled. I struggled to make the piece cohesive. It wasn’t until I finished it entirely that I looked at it and liked the result. After that patina paints and seeing it on my wrist it sort of looked like someone had taken the watch face off of a clock and the inner workings were revealed. Rusting and patina. I like when my pieces provide imagery for a story instead of being a randomized piece of jewelry.



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