The Lady Horologist

Inspiration from Vintage styles.

Etched Pocket Watch

Etched Pocket WatchThe etched piece was just a tester when I first got my Big Kick. At first I didn’t really know what to do with it because I didn’t make it with anything in mind. I decided to play around with mica powders and patinas to see if I could get the etching to show through more. I think it worked beautifully. Usually with etched pieces I only knew to use already antiqued pieces so that you could then file around the etchings so they show through. Now I can use non antiqued pieces and just paint them. The patinas alone don’t aften sink into the crevices as well as the mica powders, but the mica powders alone aren’t always as bold. Mixing the two created the perfect effect!

[ For Sale Here ]


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