The Lady Horologist

Inspiration from Vintage styles.

When Working With Metal Allergies

So for years now I’ve been making jewelry for a friend who has metal allergies. She can wear higher carat gold with no problem, gold filled for no more than a day, and sometimes sterling for small periods of time. Despite this allergy she loves brass, mixed metals, and all things Steampunk. One day I decided to challenge myself and make a piece for her that had brass in it, but that she wouldn’t react to. I ended up making the cobalt seed bead one. She did not react to the metallic seed beads and none of the other metals touch her skin. The other two pieces have several coatings of resin over all the the metal. On the seed beaded window pendant I used diamond glaze, and the last one I did several layers of epoxy resin. I share all this only to encourage those who run into the problem of metal allergies, but who love the metals they react to, to try some of these tricks or to keep looking for others. Bottom line, don’t give up! For now I’ll keep trying new techniques for my friend.


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