The Lady Horologist

Inspiration from Vintage styles.

Farmer’s Market Setup

So Artful Inclinations had it’s first Farmer’s Market. We participated in the Rancho San Diego Market at Cuyamaca College. It was not really profitable money wise. The day was predicted to be one of the hottest in San Diego (even though it ended up not being) and so many of the vendors suffered. However we got out there, made some beautiful tables and got a lot of positive feedback from other vendors and the customers that did show up. It was a great experience and a very lovely market full of fun and lovely vendors who showed a lot of support for each other.

We of course decided a few days before to do a trial run, which ended up being the best idea. We realized we had enough product for three tables instead of the initial two we started. My living room was a big crafty mess for the tables and I took it upon myself to organize and condense what we were taking, so come show day we would have an easier time moving our stuff to and from the truck. The last picture is how I ended up organizing everything!


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