The Lady Horologist

Inspiration from Vintage styles.

Sophie’s Timestop

Sophie's Timestop     Another clock piece I couldn’t take apart. Decided to save it as is and seep it in resin. The piece fit perfectly in the watch case even though they weren’t initially together, and I loved how it looked with the silver filigree. At first I was going to wire wrap it like I do most of my pieces, however I didn’t want to use thick wire and the clock pieces were too heavy for thin wire no matter how thickly I could have wrapped it. I was just too worried about it holding up to do that much work. Then it hit me. I played around with a silk ribbon I’d had lying around and voila! I adored it! The silk is woven through the clock piece and filigree in a beautiful and a seemingly intricately but simple fashion. The watch piece is extremely secure and in fact doesn’t move at all. I love this piece and will definitely be investing in more of these amazing silk cords.

[ For Sale Here ]


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