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Typewriter Keys

I saw an artist in New York, while I was staying with my sister, who had used typewriter keys in all of their jewelry. I fell in love. They were simple but absolutely gorgeous. Then when my old boss started getting into carrying Steampunk supplies and asked if people used typewriter keys, I ecstatically told her I’d seen them used and wanted to try them! The only problem when they finally came in is that the first batch still had a piece of steel sticking out on the back. I experimented with wrapping filigree around them despite the protrusion and to show people how to get around it. My necklaces were quite popular in the shop so when I moved I took some supplies with me. Luckily the next batch my old boss would buy hand no steel piece sticking out so they were easier to wrap. In these pieces I believe the orange swarovski one is the only one that has the steel on the back.

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