The Lady Horologist

Inspiration from Vintage styles.

Lavender Blooms

Lavender Blooms     The inspiration for this piece is the Shenandoah Valley wine country in the Sierra Nevada mountains, which is fitting; the Milky Quartz that sits in a bezel design of ripe grapes and vines, was found there. The colors used resemble the periwinkle blue and violet hues of Wisteria, which bloom just as the vineyards begin to turn green. Some of our favorite wineries have a wide variety of Wisteria blooms, which intertwine and hang from the trellises of their tasting rooms.  It is breath-taking, especially with a lush, green vineyard backdrop.  What better inspiration is there?

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About Shelly

Artist, co-founder of Artful Inclinations. Our website is artfulinclinations/shop/ and Masters degree in human behavior/organizational psychology, Bachelors degree in Behavioral Science. Retired. Traveling full-time in an RV with my husband of 37 years.

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