The Lady Horologist

Inspiration from Vintage styles.

Tension Taming

So a blessing and a curse for me with jewelry is I have incredibly tight tension. Wire or thread, it doesn’t matter, I’m just naturally hard on my material. Wire breaks easier however it’s also easier to tuck in and start with a new piece. When it comes to threads and most of the techniques that go with them, tension is a balancing act. Seed beading, flat or spiral, is more forgiving for tight tension, so I’ve been able to get away without adjusting much. However within the last year I’ve picked up tatting and bead crochet. I love the stretch that bead crochet gives over the alternative (Kumihimo), and tatting is just an amazingly beautiful technique. Crochet will not stretch as nicely if the tension is too tight, especially with the s-lon cord I’m practicing on. I have to get a hold of my tension before I can move on to harder yet softer threads which will separate easily. Now tatting completely depends on tension. You have to have consistent loose tension, otherwise your stitches will not meet and create the lace. Crochet is hard to start but easy to continue once you get in the groove. Tatting is flat out hard for me, however I love the look and a good challenge.


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