The Lady Horologist

Inspiration from Vintage styles.

Fighting Creative Blocks

I don’t know if this is a common problem for people, but I tend to get stuck when my supplies run low. I feel like I go into brat mode because I get stuck when I can see I may be out soon. It seems if I don’t have lots of everything then I just won’t create! I hate feeling this way, but part of it is that I’m afraid if I mess pieces up I’ll have fewer pieces I’m able to make, while the others linger in mangled disarray. I’d rather have ideas sitting around instead of fixes. I realize how unproductive this is and eventually push myself to work with what I have left. It’s times like these that I finally do the more time consuming projects that I love to do but don’t make time for. I always have tons of seed beads and various cords and I bring them out to help me out of my creative hole. I love bead weaving. I always have a big project I’d like to try finish one day, and I bring them out to fight the brat in me. I also think taking a break from styles of jewelry I do more often and working on the less frequented ones helps me have new ideas when I go back. I say all of this to try and help those who are having problems with creative blocks. Maybe my “technique” can help you too.


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