The Lady Horologist

Inspiration from Vintage styles.

Where to Begin

     I always encourage people to try out creative outlets that interest them. Everybody has to start somewhere, and talent is just as much about learning as is it about feeling. I frequently look back through the years, to when I started to photograph my jewelry, just to see how far I’ve gotten. I’d played around with beads ever since I was little. I mostly enjoyed collecting them. I liked knowing names of stones or materials. I collected oddly shaped pearls and brightly colored beads. It wasn’t until high school that I started experimenting with making my own jewelry (given I didn’t wear much jewelry until then), and it wasn’t until the first year out of high school that I started documenting my pieces. Above are photos and pieces through the years. Each photo was made and taken the same year. It starts in 2009 and goes until now; 2013. I’m very proud to see my own progression in photography and jewelry. I kept at it because I loved what I did and what the product was no matter the quality. It was just amazing to put visions to reality, and to be able to claim I’d created something. I hope to continue to encourage anyone who stumbles across me to keep trying! Creativity can be learned, taught, gathered and shared.


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