The Lady Horologist

Inspiration from Vintage styles.

Steampunk Fair Experience

So good and bad things. Unfortunately we got the spot right next to the dumpsters and near a drain pipe. We were on uneven asphalt but luckily we had some drawers to push up one table. However despite all of these things there was quite a crowd. We received a lot of positive feedback and handed out a lot of business cards. We got to dress up and see lots of beautiful costumes. We got to talk to the person who can put us on the list for a show I really want to be in! Apparently he has to meet you before you can sell there so I was happy to make the connection! All in all a good experience. Shelly and I have some ideas for changing up our booth set up which we’ve realized is a bit too timely. Also thinking about pulling back a little on how much product is on the tables. Good thoughts, good experiences and good connections.


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