The Lady Horologist

Inspiration from Vintage styles.

More Retakes and Product to come

I decided to start adding some of my earrings to Etsy, since I have so many and I’d like some more variety in prices. Couldn’t decide if I wanted to retake all the photos of the earrings I had (which of course is time consuming) or if I wanted to leave the photos as is (which were not some of my best work but not some of my worst either). In the end I decided to only retake the ones that would go up on Etsy, and then only the ones I felt desperately needed it. In the end I retook 8 pieces, and will probably redo them all because my new photos came out so beautifully. I might retake as I upload and just wait until I need more earrings on Etsy, but for now I can be happy with my decision to retake the few I did.


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